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Nemo I Cruise

This strikingly beautiful Catamaran Sailer just began offering Galapagos tours during 2002 upon its arrival from the Carribean. The Nemo is ideal for a cruise with family or friends. Six double cabins, each with private bath with hot shower, are shared between the two hulls. Explore the islands with the onboard sea kayaks.

Toll free in the USA & CANADA: 1 800-704-2915 - Worldwide

ITINERARY Day 1: Galapagos Islands Baltra Airport - Bachas
Day 2: Santa Fe Island - Barrington - South Plazas Island
Day 3: Española Island (Suarez Point - Gardner Bay)
Day 4: Floreana Island: Cormorant Point - Post Office Bay
Day 5: Santa Cruz Island (Highlands - Charles Darwin station)
Day 6: Santa Cruz Island (Dragon Hill) - Rábida Island - Jervis
Day 7: Santiago Island (Egas Port) - Bartolomé Island
Day 8: North Seymour Island

8 day cruise leaves on Wednesdays

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Type: First Class (Mid-Range Cruise)
Length: 82 ft. (25m)
Speed: 8 knots
Capacity: 14 Passengers (depart with 12 Passengers)
Acommodations: 7 double cabins, each with private bath and hot showers

8 day cruise leaves on Wednesdays

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