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Evolution Cruise

At first appearance the Evolution appears to be from the 1920's but it has been recently refurbished and offers a luxurious alternative for cruising the Galapagos Islands. Accommodating up to 32 passengers in 16 cabins, single or twin, the Evolution offers beautifully furnished salons, open decks and private areas. With a well stocked library/video room, other amenities include a small hot pool & bar, sunning deck, outside social/observation under a canopied roof deck & bar, air renewal system, boutique and infirmary with a MD on board at all times. Snorkeling equipment and kayaks are available. Full crew with 2 level III naturalist guides. Full crew and level III naturalist guide. DECKS 3 Cabins on the Bride / Albatros deck – These are the largest cabins on the ship 9 Cabins on the Main / Cormorant deck – Cabins vary from large to ‘Dolphin’ deck standard size and include single passenger cabins. 4 Cabins on the Lower / Dolphin deck – Standard cabins on the ship

Toll free in the USA & CANADA: 1 800-704-2915 - Worldwide

ITINERARY (Saturday to Saturday): 8 day/7 nights only

Day 1: San Cristobal - Cerro Brujo
Day 2: Espanola (Gardner bay, Punta Suarez)
Day 3: Santa Cruz (Charles Darwin and Highlands)
Day 4: Santiago Islands - James Bay - Bartolome - Pinnacle Rock
Day 5: Tower - Prince Phillip's Steps - Darwin Bay
Day 6: Fernandina (Punta Espinosa) and Isabela (Tagus Cove)
Day 7: North Seymour - Santa Cruz -Black Turtle Cove
Day 8: San Cristobal (Kicker Rock)

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