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Encantada Cruise

The charming red Encantada (the Enchanted) is a 70 foot sailing yacht accommodating up to 12 people in 6 double cabins with upper/lower berths, private bathrooms, and hot water. For passengers looking to add optional diving, this is also possible. Snorkelling equipment provided. This is the most economical sailing yacht in the Galapagos. Full crew and a level II naturalist guide.

Toll free in the USA & CANADA: 1 800-704-2915 - Worldwide

ITINERARY (Sunday to Sunday): 8 day/7 nights

Sunday: Baltra - Black Turtle Cove
Monday: Rabida - Bartolome
Tuesday: Genovesa
Wednesday: Plazas - Charles Darwin Research Station
Thursday: Punta Cormorant - Post Office Bay
Friday: Gardner Bay - Punta Suarez
Saturday: Leon Dormido - Isla Lobos - Santa Fe
Sunday: North Seymour - Baltra

5 day/4 night itinerary departs on Wednesday.
4 day/3 night itinerary departs on Sunday.

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